CEL’s History

Founded in 2011 as a registered investment club, Cornerstone has evolved into a seasoned investment firm in Kenya. We pride ourselves in sustainable and impactful investing that is hands-on to aid our investee companies to break their growth barriers.

Our shareholders are successful, respected executives and businessmen & women within the East African Region in sectors such as commercial, industrial, capital markets, insurance, banking, private equity, energy, hospitality, horticultural, legal, accounting, and tax advisory. We tap into our shareholders’ vast experience to partner with our investee as they transition into corporate giants.


The Board provides oversight, insight, and foresight in today’s ever-changing world. The Board is responsible for planning and strategizing Cornerstone’s short and long-term goals, putting mechanisms in place to monitor our investments’ progress against objectives. The fundamental goal for the Board is to balance risks and rewards for Cornerstone to create long-term value for shareholders, investee companies, staff, and the entire ecosystem that supports the organization

Our Core Values

As a train runs on rails, We run on these Values:

Our Investees

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Trusted Partners

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