KOKO is a clean technology company operating in Kenya and India, which imagines and delivers technology to improve life in the world’s fastest-growing cities. In the core business, KOKO runs a Network of Clean Fuel ATMs inside neighborhood shops across over 10 urban centres in Kenya and recently opened shop in Kigali Rwanda. This unique technology solution enables the safe and low-cost distribution of bio-ethanol cooking fuel for households, providing a safer, faster, cleaner, more affordable solution than charcoal, kerosene or firewood.

Sanergy, founded in 2011 is an industry leader in managing and upcycling organic(sanitation, agricultural, and market / kitchen) waste – into valuable agricultural inputs and renewable energy. Operating the largest organics recycling factory in the East African region, Sanergy has designed and built safe collection networks, which aggregate all of these waste streams in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. Once collected, it is transported to their factory for treatment and upcycling using innovative and cost-effective technologies developed inhouse. At the end, they produce multiple safe and high-quality products including organic fertilizer for farms, insect protein for animal feed, and biomass briquettes for industrial fuel.

Poa Internet is a unique ISP providing affordable and fast internet to the largely underserved market. Poa Internet is launching new networks serving Nairobi, Nakuru and Mombasa regions with greater expansion plans as it builds its network in new areas

Acacia Innovations is the largest supplier of clean cooking fuels to schools and small businesses in Kenya. They recycle sugarcane waste (bagasse) into biomass briquettes at their factory in rural Western Kenya. The briquettes are 35% cheaper than firewood and up to 50% cheaper than charcoal. It is also nearly smokeless, which reduces the risk of respiratory illnesses, a leading cause of premature death in the developing world. Finally, it offers a solution to deforestation and climate change, since every ton consumed saves 13 trees.

Coconut Holdings is East Africa’s leading producer of coconut products, sold under the Kentaste Brand (such as coconut oil, cream, milk and coconut crisps) supplying markets in Africa, the USA, Europe, and the Middle East.

Fuzu is East Africa’s #1 career platform, nominated as one of the most promising start-ups on the continent. They believe that every human being is born with talent, but lack of opportunities and support makes them fall short of our potential. On Fuzu, learning, inspiration and employment opportunities are just one click away.

Their vision is to become the undisputed home of the African talent. A place where career builders come for opportunities and inspiration. A place where individuals and organisations access value adding data driven services preparing them for success, while respecting privacy and cultivating trust.

Kingdom Bank (Formerly Jamii Bora Bank)

A licensed commercial bank in Kenya whose key focus is the MSME’s sector in Kenya.

Tanda is a Fintech Aggregator that uses mobile wallets allowing users to experience worldclass fintech services regarded of their primary service provider. Tanda promises to enhance user experience by full diversification and interoperability of various Service Providers.