Our Investment Portfolio.



To deliver high returns through sale of investments by private placement ,IPO exits, Mergers & Amalgamations, Joint ventures and direct sales

  • Real Estate –Land bank in Nyeri county – 200 acres.
  • The company exited through sale of land and achieved a return on investment of 4x the initial value of the investment.
  • The company reinvest a chunk of it portfolio funds in real estate to take advantage of the low risk returns in the industry.

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Investment Pipeline

Discreet deal flow of capital including expansion of existing investments

The company has a strong pipeline of investments with opportunities currently in start-ups, early stage businesses and companies in their growth phase.

Pipeline deals include:

  • Company manufacturing construction materials
  • Waste Management
  • Finance & Insurance business
  • Consumer foods
  • Real estate and hospitality
  • Follow on investments in portfolio companies

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Investment Strategy

Overall return of 3 times money targeted from a diversified PE investment portfolio

The company seeks superior returns through investment in medium to longer term, relatively illiquid assets. The Investment committee of Cornerstone allocate, monitor and tactfully shift asset positions to take advantage of opportunities in PE through primary or secondary investments, real estate, and fixed income including mezzanine debt.

Capital growth, targeted at 3x capital, are generated from investments in growth capital and buyout deals as well as early stage and replacement capital offerings. A percentage of the assets may include co-investments with other private equity funds.

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A strong governance structure with demonstrated capabilities

The Board

  • The core of our corporate governance structure
  • 7 members including the Chairman
  • The Chairman of the Board rotates every 3 years
  • 2 Directors retire by rotation every year Board meets at least quarterly

Investment Committee

  • Comprised of 6 members
  • Minimum 2 from the Board, rest from membership
  • IC meets as necessary based on investments being considered – Agility is important
  • IC may engage external consultants and professional advisors as required

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Shareholder Value

Overall objective of maximizing shareholder value

  • Shareholders subscribe to a mix of Equity and Shareholder loans
  • Value is generated through capital appreciation
  • Shareholder loans are repaid with returns when exits take place
  • A second phase of expansion and OTC trading of shares and a consideration to list the company 3-5years , as a means of providing liquidity and exit avenues to early stage investors.

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Investment Horizon

Focus on an investment period that deliver maximum returns to the shareholders

  • Investment horizon and exit ,No formal lock-in period Investors need to have medium to long-term horizon (3-5 years)
  • Exit currently through secondary sale, with pre-emption rights for other shareholders

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Growth Story

The company has grown organically year on year through the support and strong commitment of its shareholders are reinvestment of earnings.

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Investment Portfolio

Discreet Investment Track record and proven flow

  • Jamii Bora Bank – SME bank
  • Sanergy Limited – Company in the sunrise sector of waste management
  • 88Mph – Accelerator fund investing in Web/Mobile Startups
  • Acacia Innovations Ltd - A start-up which provides environmentally friendly and cost-saving cooking and fuel solutions for schools and small businesses
  • Other Investments – Debt and equity investments in selected listed and unlisted companies which include FUZU OY and EFFCO Solutions Ltd
  • Cornerstone is aligned with PE funds (e.g. Catalyst, Novastar, Acumen) on some of the investments
  • Lynk is an online platform that partners with Kenyan artisans to showcase and promote their products and services.
  • Poa! internet runs the largest public Wi-Fi network in Kenya and provides home and business broadband connections in its network areas.

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"Investment partnership with a well-established and successful network of senior business executives and investment professionals"

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